Front of the Iowa SSN 797 submarine under construction in a ship yard

Introducing the USS Iowa SSN 797

The USS IOWA SSN 797 is a soon-to-be-commissioned nuclear submarine for the U.S. Navy. Learn how you can support the crew, the christening, and ultimately the commissioning of the submarine that will carry IOWA's name through the next 3 decades + of service.

Crest of the USS Iowa SSN 797

Iowa's Newest Namesake Submarine - a Virginia class Submarine

This vessel will be the fourth U.S. NAVY ship named after the State of Iowa, however with the 3 prior being battleships, the first submarine to bear the state's name. When commissioned, SSN 797 will also be the first attack class submarine built specifically to accommodate both male and female service members onboard.

Learn More about the Ship's Crest

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